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Modulate Music is a collaborative organisation working to revolutionise the way music is experienced in concert both around Melbourne and overseas.

Modulate Music's combination of new and old music with 2, 500 year old meditations practices creates the opportunity for the listener to cultivate their own inner stillness, focus and creativity. This experience is then brought into union with the live performing musicians.

The diverse range of professional musicians involved ranges from classical strings and wind to electronic minimalism. This makes Modulate Music a versatile and collaborative experience for any venue, audience and environment. 

In a world where over-stimulation, stress, distraction and speed are the dominant forces, Modulate Music provides it's audience the opportunity to become present, aware and focussed to experience professional quality music in deeper and more meaningful way.

Modulate Music's unique concert program explores the various aspects and themes of the human experience by combining guided meditation with musical interludes, creating a rich reflective and musical experience for all involved.



Combining inner transformation with the power of music